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Prof. Dr. Sarbani Pal


Prof. Dr. Sarbani Pal

Eminent Scientist, Organic Chemistry

About - Prof. Dr. Sarbani Pal

Dr Sarbani Pal earned her Ph D in Chemistry from the Indian Association of Cultivation of Science (IACS), Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal and now holds the position of Head of the Department of Chemistry at MNR Degree and PG College. Dr Sarbani has a great passion for Chemistry in general and Organic Chemistry in particular and strong interest in shaping the lives and minds of students. She demonstrates independence, initiative, innovation and leadership. She believes in training students properly while nurturing, educating and encouraging them to take up research work independently which promotes creativity, intellectual curiosity, scientific temper and spirit of service. As Head of the Department, she encourages faculty development programs for the continued growth of the Faculty to become better educators and researchers. She is committed to STEM education and her strong commitment greatly supports the initiatives of the other departments of MNR University, a multi-disciplinary university. Before joining at MNR PG College in 1998, she worked as Research Associate in Chemistry and MS University, Baroda, Gujarat. She encourages the prospective students and makes them realize how strong higher education is required for personal accomplishments and achievements and ultimately for a successful career. Her areas of research work included sequential development of macrolides and ketolides related to  erythromycin and received appreciation from different scientific organisations.

Qualifications, Achievements and Recognitions

· Obtained M Sc degree in Chemistry with specialization in Organic Chemistry from University of Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1990.

· Completed Ph D atIndian association of cultivation of Science (IACS), Jadavpur, WB, under guidance of Prof D Mukherjree

· Published 71 research papers and review articles in various international and national journals.

· Supervised 8 M Sc projects, 11 M Phil projects and 8 Ph D students

· Recognition from Tetrahedron for her review article Tetrahedron report number 755: A journey across the sequential development of macrolides and ketolides related to erythromycin (Tetrahedron 2006, 62, 3171) as it was top 50 most downloaded article (Science Direct 2006).

· Recognition from Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters Top 10 Cited Author for 2011-2012 for publishing research paper in BMCL 2011, 21, 6573-6576.

· Wiley Top Cited Article 2020-2021 JOURNAL OF HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY, Synthesis, biological evaluation, and docking study of a series of 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole derivatives with an indole-triazole-peptide conjugate

· Publons peer review awards winner-2017

· Authored one book : Isocoumarin, Thiaisocoumarin and Phosphaisocoumarin Natural Occurrences, Synthetic Approaches and Pharmaceutical Applications

Authored one chapter of Drug discovery and drug development : the Indian narrative

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