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Prof. Dr. BS MURTY

Director, IIT Hyderabad


Dr. Budaraju Srinivasa Murty is an eminent metallurgical engineer, outstanding academician, researcher and administrator. He was awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology, the highest science award in India, for the year 2007 in engineering science category. From August 2019 he serves as the Director of Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. Prior to that he was head of department at Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

Dr Murty was born on 13 February 1964 in Vijayawada, India. He did his diploma in Metallurgical Engineering from Government Polytechnic, Vijayawada. He graduated B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur (VRCE) (now Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT)), in 1986 at the top of the class. He then joined Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for his Masters. From there he got his Ph.D. in 1992. His PhD supervisor was Professor S. Rangana.

Dr Murty's Ph.D. dissertation was titled "Study of Amorphous Phase Formation by Mechanical Alloying in Ti Based Systems", in which he started one of the earliest works in Mechanical alloying in India. His research interests span over nano crystalline metals and alloys, High entropy alloysBulk metallic glass, quasicrystalline alloys, grain refinement and modification of Al alloys, Al-based composites, in-situ composites, non-equilibrium processing, particulate technologies, thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations, transmission electron microscopy and Atom-probe tomography. He has set up a National Facility for Atom Probe Tomography at IIT Madras with a remotely operable Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) (first such facility globally) that can characterize materials in 3D at the atomic scale. He has also set up Deakin-IITM Centre of Excellence on Advanced Materials and Manufacturing at IIT Madras jointly with Deakin University, Australia. He has authored above 400 journal publications and 4 books. He has supervised 39 PhDs and 20 PhDs are ongoing. He has completed over 55 sponsored research projects and currently handling 13 projects and filed 20 patents.

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