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Best Practises

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Best Practises

The student should make sure to follow the following guidelines for the most optimum utilization of their time in college and to excel not only excel in academics but also pave way for a successful life beyond college.

  • Make sure to make regular notes of the lectures being taught in the college

  • Take some time off to revise the concepts taught in the college on the same day  itself for optimum retention

  • Always come to college in the appropriate dress code with ID cards

  • Don't forget to bring the lab apparel and lab manuals for the best use of the laboratory

  • Always strive to take on new roles which demand you to develop your personality

  • Actively communicate with your teachers and be prompt in clearing all your doubts in and after the class

  • Always prepare in well advance for the upcoming examinations to avoid excess pressure during the time of examination.

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