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Dr. Mantena Bindu


About Dr. Mantena Bindu

Dr. Mantena Bindu had served as a Lecturer of MNR PG and Degree Colleges for over a decade.

She had perceived her Post Graduation from well renowned Nizam College, Hyderabad and Ph.D. From Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Her Research work was done on a topic named, “An Efficient route to acylation using TFAA – H3PO4 and its application to the synthesis of derivatives of NSAIDs”

Her Research mainly focused on environmentally friendly processes in the Chemical Industry along with their Economic viability. Thus her work contributed in the development of “Green Chemistry”.

Green Chemistry is a shift from traditional concepts of process efficiency, which generally concentrate on molar yields of chemical product, to ones that take into account Elimination of waste at source and avoidance of use of toxic materials.

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