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Research Policy

The MNR Research Foundation (MNRRF) was established in the year 2009, on the MNR-HERA campus, at Sangareddy. Telangana State. The main purpose of MNRRF is to promote scientific endeavors by encouraging, rewarding, and channeling all available national and international knowledge towards the betterment of the faculty and the research scholars of MNR institutions.

It builds an environment in which everyone strives to improve their scientific, technical, and research skills. To facilitate research and development goals MNRRF considers it essential to initiate and promote creative research, knowledge base expansion.

The MNRRF recognizes the involvement of the scientists by instituting various awards such as Foundation Day awards and National Science Day awards to promote excellence in medical science, basic science, and applied research leading to enhancement of technology, new initiatives in R&D support systems, recognizing unusual merit in individuals from science & technology.

The management is pleased to provide funds from MNR Educational Trust to further our research foundation's objectives. MNRRF is itself a unique experiment in encouraging holistic excellence, which brings a high level of transparency and undertakings and peer-group involvement in all decision making. It gives various awards to the outstanding research groups, individuals, and also MNR group's institutions, during MNR Research Foundation Day.

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