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University Administration

Prof Mrs K Madhavi


Prof Mrs K Madhavi 

Dean, MNRU School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Dr. Madhavi Kadiveti is an eminent academician who has been the vanguard of leading excellence in Physiotherapy Education in India. An alumnus of SVIMS, Tirupati and Dr.NTRUHS, Vijayawada, Dr. Madhavi Kadiveti previously served as the Assistant Professor in the Oxford College Of Physiotherapy and Acting PRINCIPAL of MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy.

During her career spanning over sixteen years, Dr. Madhavi Kadiveti  has made significant contributions in the arena of Physiotherapy. As the Principal of MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy, she has led many initiatives at the college starting from faculty expansion and development to the introduction of new Programmes and digital learning. She apprehended the importance of Industry linkage with academia and committed to upholding it. Prior to joining MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy, Dr. Madhavi Kadiveti had a vigorous association with SVIMS, Tirupati; RGUHS, Karnataka; DR.NTRUHS, Vijayawada for over 20 years including six years of her Graduation and Post-Graduation.

Before accepting the responsibilities as the Acting Principal of MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy; she has held other academic positions including Clinical Physiotherapist, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor amongst others. Her prime obligations included student care and mentoring, managing Work Integrated Learning Programmes at MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy .

She played a crucial role in the development of MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy, in terms of strategy and conception. She worked very closely with SHRI. M. N. RAJU Garu, the Chairman, MNR Educational Trust in realising his vision of establishing MNR UNIVERSITY campus in Hyderabad, a state-of-the-art campus with innovative ideas.

This would not have been possible without the generous support of the secretaries and officials of the Government of Telangana. She is credited with Development of a green campus replicating all the notable features with the help of the faculty, staff, alumni & students.

As Assistant Professor at The Oxford college of Physiotherapy, Bangalore, Karnataka, India (NAAC ‘A’accredited and reputed college in Karnataka) she has good teaching experience in various subjects , such as Physiotherapy in neurological conditions, Exercise therapy, Electrotherapy , Electrophysiology, Assessment and evaluation and Biomechanics and also completed the task of planning and implementing individual intervention in collaboration with the patients by using graded exercises.

As the Principal, She significantly contributed in establishing various programme at various institutes in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi and Chandigarh, amongst others.

Her research interest included Physiotherapy in Neurology, postural education, Mirror therapy and Task-oriented approaches in treating many patients. She has guided around twenty PG students and published several research papers in reputed journals. Her passion for teaching has earned accolades from several batches of MNR’S Sanjeevani college of Physiotherapy students.

Dr. Madhavi Kadiveti obtained her Master of Physiotherapy  from Susrutha Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India ; Bachelor of Physiotherapy  from Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupathi,Andhra Pradesh, India. An apt saying by Joyce Meyer - “teachers can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges” suits her personality in maintaining the balance between curricular and exra-curricular activities even in tough times.

Her encouragement to each and every staff and student has fetched a lot of  prizes in competitions along with International recognition to the college.Her philosophy and utilitarian standpoint as an educator have been moulded by her pragmatic ideology and productive wisdom as an administrator.

Dr. Madhavi Kadiveti is on the advisory board for various colleges, institutions and universities across the country. She is also an avid explorer who has extensively travelled across the country to visit institutes of repute.

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