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The campus has a well-equipped Central Library also known as MNR Knowledge Center spread over 3685 square meters area, with Separate AC rooms, exclusively for PGs and teaching staff. The main aim of the central library is to provide and disseminate all health sciences information to students, faculty, and research scholars of the constituent Health Science Colleges of MNR Educational Trust. The state-of-the-art central library is the domain for information seekers, be it students, faculty, or researchers.

The library caters to the information needs of approximately 1150 users of MNR Campus, providing access to various international and national journals of different specialties. It has a separate Virtual classroom with 120 seating capacity for conducting academic activities like CME & CD programs and several guest lectures and video conferences are conducted here. Along with all these facilities, a separate IT zone is provided for accessing e-resources with 40 nodes and a high-speed Wi-Fi facility.

This functions as the main library at the campus where closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV's) are installed as security measures. Apart from the central library, each department has a separate library focusing on subject-related books and e-library collections.

The Library has over 38,575 volumes (Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Homoeopathy, and other related General books) classified textbooks, reference books with group study area for graduate and post-graduate students, and a separate study area for faculty.

MNR subscribes to 325 National & International journals and also 1225 e-journals and 487 e-books and other medical-related e-resources. The library also has a huge collection of educational CDs, audio, and videos providing vast information on every aspect of human illness and treatment procedures.

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