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Student Affairs

The management and the faculty encourage the students to participate and present papers, posters at various State, National and International level conferences to enhance their skills and update their respective subject skills. The students are encouraged to take up research work during their academic years, to add weightage to build their professional careers in the future.

The students at our institute are taught, "Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is taking care of those in your charge". Naturally, students have the best connection with their classmates than teachers or professors. So, the student council is formed with the consent of the staff. Students with creative skills, leadership qualities, management skills, and discipline will be part of it.

The student council creates many opportunities for leadership and mentoring. Participation in the meetings also allows them to influence the social and extracurricular activities on the campus. They are elected by the students residing on the campus. Our elected members serve as the formal representatives and as liaisons between the student body and administration.

The student council conducts regular meetings to discuss the proposed agenda. They select representatives to serve as student members in different committees. The total number of students in various committees is 90, out of which undergraduates are 42 and postgraduates numbering 48.

Student members representing the respective committees attend all the meetings and extend their support for various committee activities during the year. They ensure that any complaint regarding the facilities or any student-related issues is discussed and addressed during the meetings with the respective committee staff members and administration. They encourage peer students to take part in various inter and intra-college events.

Students' language or communication issues are brought to the council's notice, facilitating a bridge course to overcome the difficulties. They also organize yoga and meditation courses in coordination with the concerned committee.

The sports committee and cultural committee actively participate and conduct annual sports meet and cultural day every year in November. Students are also part of the sexual harassment elimination committee and women empowerment committee, focusing on female students.

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